Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Origin and production

Where does LEEF palm leaf tableware come from?
LEEF palm leaf tableware is produced exclusively in India, in the rural region around Erode, Tamil Nadu.
Do the palm leaves used for production come from the palm oil industry?
No, the palm leaves used for LEEF palm leaf tableware come exclusively from the areca palm from betel nut production, where they are waste products. Areca palms are grown in mixed plantations and are not a harmful monoculture.
How is LEEF palm leaf tableware produced?
The palm leaves, which are a waste product from betel nut production, are dried, washed, pressed into shape and then disinfected by UV irradiation. They are then sealed in compostable film and shipped to Germany in containers.
Is LEEF palm leaf tableware produced under fair working conditions?
Yes, LEEF palm leaf tableware is produced under fair working conditions and paying fair wages. We are committed to safe working conditions, labour rights and trade unions, and against discrimination and child labour. We are so good at this that we have been awarded SA8000 certification.
Are pesticides or chemicals used in the production of LEEF palm leaf tableware?
No additives are used in the production of palm leaf tableware, no pesticides, chemical treatments or the like.
How is LEEF palm leaf tableware transported and is the CO2 produced offset?
LEEF palm leaf tableware is transported from India to Germany via container ships. We offset the CO2 emissions of the shipping via our partner atmosfair.
Is LEEF palm leaf tableware sealed in plastic film?
LEEF palm leaf tableware is sold in compostable film. This gives you a thoroughly sustainable and fully compostable product.

Product properties & use

Is LEEF palm leaf tableware mould free?
As a natural raw material, palm leaf tableware is not 100% mould free, however we subject our tableware to a double quality check to detect possible mould growth. Furthermore, our palm leaf tableware is certified for food use - by TÜV and SGS - and can therefore be used without hesitation.
Is LEEF palm leaf tableware microwave, oven and cold-resistant?
Yes, LEEF palm leaf dishes are heat and cold resistant and suitable for microwave and oven use to a certain extent. It can withstand up to 30 minutes at 180°C in the oven and up to 2 minutes at 500W in the microwave. We are not aware of any limitations in the fridge and freezer.
Can I burn LEEF palm leaf dishes?
Yes, LEEF palm leaf tableware is combustible, but not too flammable. The nice thing about it is that no additional CO2 is released when it is burnt, only the CO2 that the plate has bound as a leaf. No toxic gases are produced either.
Is LEEF palm leaf tableware stable, waterproof and grease-resistant?
Yes, LEEF palm leaf tableware is stable, water and heat resistant, insulating and cut-resistant due to the solid material. The plates do not disintegrate when heavily used with sharp knives, nor do they dissolve with lots of barbecue sauce or soup.
Is LEEF palm leaf tableware a bio-based plastic or biodegradable plastic?
LEEF palm leaf tableware is a natural product and not a plastic, so it does not fall under either of the 2 categories. It is 100% biodegradable. You can find more information here.
Is LEEF palm leaf tableware reusable?
Our LEEF palm leaf tableware is sold as disposable, but can be used several times at home. Simply wipe with a damp cloth or wash by hand and dry. However, we recommend disposing of the tableware after 10 uses at the latest.
Is LEEF palm leaf tableware environmentally friendly?
Palm leaf is the only material for disposable tableware that does not have to be extracted from nature with a high input of water or energy. The natural leaf remains untreated and can be seamlessly returned to the natural cycle after use.
Is LEEF palm leaf tableware compostable?
LEEF palm leaf tableware usually composts within three months even under natural conditions and has been certified as compostable by the DIN 12432 seal. To speed up natural composting, we recommend breaking it into several pieces before disposal.

Rainforest protection

How does LEEF protect the rainforest?
We use part of the income from the sale of LEEF palm leaf dinnerware to buy rainforest. For every plate sold, we protect 1m² of endangered rainforest together with the World Land Trust. The World Land Trust works with local environmental NGOs and acquires rainforest plots. This prevents other parties from buying the land and clearing the forest. More information about our rainforest protection at
Is there a minimum order value for rainforest protection?
No, through every sale through our online shop, every plate or bowl protects 1m2 of rainforest.
Does the rainforest protection programme also apply to B2B customers?
Currently, the rainforest protection programme only applies to our online shop, our products on Amazon and our non-profit programme LEEF unlimited. Our rainforest programme is however also available for B2B customers on demand. B2B customers interested in rainforest conservation should contact our sales team at:

Sale and shipping

What payment options are available?
You simply pay by Paypal, credit card or direct debit.
What is the ordering option for B2B customers?
B2B customers please contact our sales department to get the full product range or a quotation:
What shipping options are available within Germany and Europe?
Currently we only deliver within Germany via DHL. B2B customers who would like to order outside Germany, please contact our sales team at:
How much are the shipping costs?
Delivery is free for orders over 50 euros, below that the shipping costs are 4.90 euros per order (incl. VAT).
How long does the delivery time take?
The delivery of your order usually takes place within 3 - 5 days after ordering. Please note that deliveries are not made on Sundays and public holidays.
Is there the possibility of express delivery?
Not at the present time.


Can I return my order?
If something is wrong with our products or you are not satisfied, you can return your order. Please contact us before returning the items, as your satisfaction is important to us. However, we are forced to cancel the rainforest protection for returned orders.
Until when can I return my order?
You can return unopened goods within 14 days of receipt.
Can I return my opened order?
For hygienic reasons, we cannot take back orders once the foil packaging of our tableware has been opened.
How can I return my order?
  1. please read the cancellation policy carefully and send us the sample cancellation form by e-mail to
create a return label via "my account" or via a guest account
  3. hand in the parcel at a DHL parcel shop.
What will be refunded?
We will refund the payment we have received from you, including delivery costs. You will only be responsible for the cost of returning your order.
When will I receive a refund for my order?
We will refund you within 14 days of receiving notification that you have cancelled your order. We may refuse to refund you until we have received your order back or you can provide proof that your order has been returned.

Account & Password

I have forgotten my password, how can I change it?
Under "My account" you will find the option "Forgotten password". Click on it and we will send you an e-mail to the address you entered. You can then reset your old password and set a new password.
How can I change my address?
You can update your address via "My account".
How can I view my order history?
You can find your order history via "My Account".
Where can I find the LEEF privacy policy?
Here you can find our privacy policy.