Leef Unlimited

Just offering sustainable products is not enough for us to protect nature: we also give back to nature! The rapid deforestation of vital primeval forests around the world has prompted us to take action and protect the endangered forests. Therefore, with our brand "LEEF unlimited", we save 1m² of endangered rainforest from deforestation with every plate sold.

For rainforest protection, we work together with our partners from the World Land Trust (WLT) who organise the purchase and permanent protection of the rainforest plots. We have chosen this efficient organisation because every cent is really invested in rainforest conservation. So far, we have already saved 162,046m² of threatened forests.

Our mission is to protect as many square metres as we can with our plates. In doing so, LEEF unlimited is the economic mechanism that constantly provides new funds for rainforest conservation. Unlike fundraising organisations, the project does not end when the donations run out, but the protection continues, plate by plate, square metre by square metre. Unlimited.

Leef Events

Our non-profit project LEEF unlimited is a matter of the heart for us to solve the acute problem of avalanches of plastic waste at events of all kinds. Event organisers want and need to make their events plastic-free and sustainable. This presents caterers with a financing problem as sustainable food carriers are more expensive than conventional ones (approx. 20 cents per dish) while overheads and serving prices remain the same. LEEF unlimited offers a remedy here.

And this is how it works:
If we are named by LEEF as the exclusive supplier of an event, we work profit-free through our non-profit project. We supply our sustainable packaging at best market prices and donate all profits made. In this way, for every palm leaf plate used, a full square metre of rainforest can be purchased and protected in the long term. This is documented in detail at the venue. It allows the caterers to charge an extra 20 cents for the packaging, which not only avoids waste, but also makes a lasting contribution to environmental protection. Countless events have shown that this is invariably well received by both guests and caterers.

This is the result:
Via our bulk deliveries to the venue, we save CO2 and turn avalanches of packaging waste into compost. The cost of this is shared among all visitors. In addition, each one of them protects 1 m² of rainforest with the purchase of a dish served on a LEEF unlimited plate. Large areas of rainforest can thereby be protected, especially at large events.

Selection of participating events:
- Carnival of Cultures (1 million visitors) - European Athletics Championships (European Championships, 60,000 visitors) - GoPro's King of the Alps (European Kayak Championships) - 100 Miles Berlin - The Wall Run (Berlin sporting event) - Lollapalooza Festival (85,000 visitors) - Potsdamer Schlössernacht (20,000 visitors) - Deichbrandt Festival (50,000 visitors) - Wilde Möhre Festival (5. 000 visitors) - Waten Schlick Festival (4,000 visitors) - Bite Club Berlin (regular Berlin event format) - Agrat Am Agatha Festival (5,000 visitors) - Malzwiese Stadtfestival (5,000 visitors) - Garbicz Festival (3,000 visitors) - African Food Festival (2,000 visitors) - Lucia Christmas Market ("Berlin's most beautiful Christmas market" TIP Mag.)

More information is available at: www.leef-unlimited.org